ERDO project using Bio Sand Filters creates clean water in CambodiaJoin the clean water revolution and save lives!

The problem:

Your body is full of water, in fact it is about 50-65% water. Infants are typically around 75-78% water. So what happens to younger and older people around the world when they don't have access to clean water?

Dehydration, as the result of diarrhea, is a frequent cause of death in young children.  We’re particularly concerned about the thousands of people - young and old - who are forced to drink unsafe water in Northern Bangladesh and Cambodia, and are asking caring people like you to do something to help through our "water revolution" campaign.

The health effects of doing nothing to help is staggering.  In research provided by one of our partners:

  • 23% of families surveyed in Cambodia acquired Typhoid 
  • 44% suffered from stomach ache
  • 46% suffered from diarrhea.

When you're sick, you can't easily work or go to school.  Without parents being able to work, the whole family's health and livelihood is at stake.

In Northern Bangladesh local waters contain arsenic. The World Health Organization describes the problem as “the largest poisoning of a population in history.” The health effects include lung, bladder and skin cancers.

The solution:Clean water in Bangladesh from ERDO tube wells

ERDO is working with our trusted partners in Bangladesh and Cambodia to bring simple technologies to access clean water for families.

Tube Wells

In Bangladesh, we’re into our fifth year of partnership with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Bangladesh to provide new, safe tube wells in northern communities. Despite the progress we’ve made so far in constructing 150 tube wells, the need is immense.  Prior to 2011, it was found that of the 4.7 million tube wells in Bangladesh which were tested, 1.4 million of those contained over the government approved level of arsenic (50 parts per billion).

ERDO’s clean water program involves high quality construction and materials, and the monitoring of the water source to ensure it remains well cared for. The construction also takes into account what happens with run-off water as pooled run-off water is a breeding ground for Malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

Clean water in Bangladesh from ERDO tube wells

Our vision is to provide 100 more tube wells and reach 10,000 more people. The cost of one well is $2100. Your gift of $50, $100 or whatever you are able to give can go towards the cost of a well.

Bio Sand Filters

In Cambodia, we’re working with our partner, Asian Outreach, to deliver Bio Sand filtration units to 325 of the most vulnerable families who are currently consuming unclean water and experiencing high illness and death rates.

These water systems take unclean water, and sift it through several levels of cleaning agents, including a “biologically active” layer of microorganisms which actually consume pathogens. The water travels through all of the layers to become safe for drinking.

ERDO project using Bio Sand Filters creates clean water in Cambodia
Each filter unit will serve households of 5 to 10 people and costs $200. Your donation provides the materials and training in making a household filter which the family puts together themselves. As water and sanitation are essential for good health, each family also receives the materials and training to construct an environmentally safe latrine.

Our vision is to provide over 2,000 people with access to clean water through Bio Sand filters, and provide each of the 325 families with a latrine.  You can help one family for $230. 

Please make your clean water revolution donation today by clicking the "donate now" button and contributing to either of these life-saving water projects.



Thank you for your support!


 ERDO project using Bio Sand Filters creates clean water in Cambodia

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