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The Life campaign unites Christian Pentecostal youth across Canada in the fight against the injustice of water shortages in our world today.  Through awareness raising initiatives and fundraising campaigns, young people are bringing about real change, and have helped fund the construction of over 100 water projects.

One well that the Life Campaign helped fund is in the community of Kalindi in Eastern Province of Zambia. To get to Kalindi you must take a feeder road from the paved road. Although the feeder road is only 15 kms long it takes well over an hour to get there. Kalindi is considered a forgotten community in Zambia as it is difficult to visit and the people are extremely poor. Kalindi Community consists of 10 villages/farms with about 23 household compounds and a total population of about 250 persons. There is a Community School with 170 pupils and 3 teacher homes near the school.

The Life water well provided by Alberta District Pentecostal Youth has provided a borehole that has changed the lives of all 250 people living in Kalindi. The community now has an ongoing supply of safe drinking water for community members and school-going children. In addition to supplying clean drinking water for the community, the well is also supplying water to the agricultural project, set up by ERDO, at the Community School to sustain a food security program for the school-going children. Run off water from the well is collected in a shallow cement trough where the communities animals are watered.

Before the Alberta Youth raised the funds and provided this well the water supply situation was very poor. Every day women or children would go to draw water from a riverside pond. One trip for water would take 2 hours. The best time to draw water was at 4:00 AM, before the animals came to drink. In order to get water, a shallow well or riverside pond had to be dug by hand. During the night, that hole would fill with water. Water drawn from that pond first thing in the morning was considered to be clean water. Waiting until later in the day meant the water was dirty from animals drinking and often the shallow well would dry up in the sun.

While we most often think of the benefits of clean water to be decreased illness and better access to water, in Kalindi the well provided by the Alberta youth has had an additional benefit! The Kalindi Community school has received CDF (Constituency Development Funds) from the local MP to build a three classroom block. They had been considered for this before but without a good supply of water, were unable to access the funding.

Well Cost: $12,000

Months of planning: 14

AB Youth’s Gift to Kalindi: PRICELESS     

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