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Clean Water for Bangladesh

Shilina Muring is a single mother who lives in Naogaon, Bangladesh. Her husband died three years ago and she could no longer afford to pay rent in her one room house, which led her and her two children to a very small village of 21 families in Naogaon.

The village had no clean water. The women and their families risked waterborne diseases, insect borne diseases and skin irritation from the dirty water. Shilina’s son suffered from constant painful rashes and she worried that she would need medicine which she could not afford.

Through generous support, ERDO with The Pentecostal Assemblies of Bangladesh provided a brand new deep tube well along with community education on water and hygiene to the village where Shilina and her children live.

The well is in the centre of the village and everyone who lives there now has access to clean, fresh drinking water. Shilina uses the fresh water for drinking, food preparation, cooking, bathing and many other household-chores. Shilina and the families in her village are very grateful for the gift of clean water and says, “it comes from God.”