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Emergency food for Myanmar

In Myanmar, we have been working with ethnic minorities and communities facing violence. After the military took over the government in February 2021, many people were arrested, families lost all their savings and the most vulnerable in the country faced starvation. Thanks to your generosity, we distributed emergency food to families who had no other resources.

Myanmar continues to face challenges, with over 25 million people living below the poverty line. Political conflict increased food prices and over 14.4 million people living in conflict-areas were in need of humanitarian assistance.

Working with displaced migrant communities, we distributed food to over 4,876 people last year, 1,320 families. These families had their shelters destroyed several times throughout the year. Though the military has made it difficult to help families, the team writes, “But God always provides a way to help.” We were able to distribute lifesaving food to many communities that had been cut off from any other support. We also assisted 949 people with psychosocial support.

Thank you so much for your support in Myanmar, helping us reach families in crisis.