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There's a child who needs a sponsor like you!

Find children who need support and learn about the hope you can bring them. Thank you for caring for children in need.

Meet Ly-Ing

Boy Age 8 Jun 10, 2016

Ly-Ing is a sweet young boy who lives with his grandparents and cousins in a very poor community in Cambodia. Sadly, his mother passed away when he was born and his father abandoned them. His grandparents work hard to support the family, but despite ...

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Meet Bhavesh Manoj

Boy Age 7 Sep 13, 2016

Bhavesh is a happy young boy who lives with his parents and sister near Nagpur, India. Bhavesh’s father works in construction, while his mother works as a general labourer. Despite their best efforts, they do not earn enough money to fully provide ...

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Meet Nuhu

Boy Age 9 Jun 7, 2015

Nuhu is a precious little boy who goes to school at the Village of Hope. Sadly his parents are separated so he went to go live with a family member.

Through the VOH and your ChildCARE Plus sponsorship, Nuhu is able to attend school re...

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