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Floods Around the World

Recent floods have brought devastation to communities around the world and caused hundreds of fatalities.

Torrential rains and flash floods have impacted hundreds of thousands of people, destroying homes, schools, businesses and major infrastructure, causing the loss of crops and livestock, and forcing people to evacuate.

These families lost everything, including their homes and livelihoods. ERDO is responding to the immediate needs of vulnerable families affected by floods across 6 countries in Africa, South America and Central Asia, providing them with emergency food and other basic necessities.

Today, you can bring life-saving aid to communities impacted by flooding and support them in their recovery. Find out more about each country we are responding to below.

The Democratic Republic of Congo

In May, extreme rainfall hit the South Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), causing rivers to burst their banks. The resulting flooding and landslides caused the destruction of 3,000 homes and 70 % of the local water infrastructure. 450 people have died, and thousands are still missing – while an estimated 50,000 need food assistance.

With our partner, ERDO is responding to the needs of communities in three municipalities of South Kivu. 70 households, representing around 350 individuals, will receive two monthly food packages containing staple ingredients such as flour, beans, cooking oil and salt.



As one of the world’s poorest countries, Burundi is especially hard-hit by the flooding sweeping across East Africa since April. The torrential rains have affected over 200,000 people and destroyed 19,250 houses. It is estimated that 33,982 people have been displaced.

Working with our local partner, we are bringing food vouchers and kitchen utensils to 80 displaced households. We are also helping 33 families with temporary housing and providing back-to-school kits to 115 primary school children.


Since April, torrential downpours and flooding have hit the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, causing 165 casualties and full-scale destruction. Entire cities have been evacuated and are still under water, displacing 581,000 people. The 2.3 million Brazilians affected by this disaster are now threatened by the outbreak of waterborne disease.

Together with global workers, Nelson and Lisa Monteiro, and other local partners, we are responding to the floods in Rio Grande do Sul with essential items for vulnerable families.



On April 29th, after weeks of heavy rains, a mudslide tragically killed 52 people in Mai Mahiu. Across Kenya, floods have killed hundreds of people and displaced nearly 200,000 individuals.

With our local partner, we are bringing food assistance, cash transfers, psychosocial support and counselling to 396 households in Mai Mahiu.


Since the end of April, heavy rainfalls have led to flooding and landslides in Uganda, displacing 18,500 people and affecting 39,185 across the country.

Working with our partner, we are bringing relief to 835 victims of a mudslide that brought destruction to a village in Kasese District on May 2nd. With your help, we will provide families who lost their homes or loved ones with emergency food, blankets, mattresses, school supplies, construction material, menstrual health management training and psychosocial support.


Central Asia

In April, melting snow from the mountains in Sibera has caused devastation in several countries throughout Central Asia. Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated with floodwater rising, breaking dams, endangering livestock and flooding farmers’ fields.

Working with a local partner in a country where we have deep roots, ERDO will support 1,200 families or 8,400 individuals affected by flooding with blankets and two months’ worth of food relief items, including flour, cooking oil, kidney beans, rice, tea, and sugar.


Families everywhere are in dire need of emergency food, a dry place to sleep and hope for the future.

To bring relief from these floods, over $120,000 is immediately needed for these current projects. ERDO will allocate the funds raised by this special appeal among the projects according to need. If funds raised exceed this amount, ERDO will either increase the project reach, or use funds for similar crisis work.

Thank you for your generosity and for coming alongside us as we bring relief to communities impacted by flooding around the world.

Your gift of any amount is saving lives.