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Earthquake in Morocco

A devastating earthquake struck Morocco on September 8th, killing almost 3,000 people as of September 15th.  Many Moroccans are injured or missing.

In one of the poorest areas of Morocco, every single person has been impacted by the earthquake and almost every family has lost their homes. ERDO will be responding to earthquake victims with practical emergency care items.

Please know that your help is needed and will be such a blessing to earthquake survivors. Continue to pray for children and families being impacted by this disaster.

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Helping over 1,800 people impacted by the earthquake in Morocco.


Bringing emergency shelter and supplies to families in desperate need.


Bringing emergency food to families whose homes have been destroyed.


Bringing medicine and medical supplies to people who have been injured.

Responding Together

In response to the devestating earthquake, you can help us bring food, shelter supplies and medical support to families living in remote villages in the Taroudant area.

Together, we can help over 1,800 people who have been severely affected by the earthquake. These people are now sleeping outdoors after their homes were destroy or badly damaged in the earthquake and aftershocks. We’re bringing these families blankets, jackets, tents and gas cylinders to get them through the coming days, especially as the cold and rainy season is just beginning.

You can bring one of these displaced families food, including bread, oil, dried fruit, tomato sauce, milk for babies and young children, rice and jam. You can also help us give out medical packages, including bandages and pain medication to help treat those who have been injured.

Thank you again, for you generosity toward families in Morocco. Continue to pray as people begin to rebuild with little support. In these days of crisis, your gift of any amount makes a huge difference.

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