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Somalia Food Crisis

Life in Somalia

This year has been one of the driest seasons on record in Somalia, pushing the country to the brink of famine. Now, nearly 50 percent of the population, 7.7 million people, need humanitarian assistance to survive.

Drought is devastating the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized people in Somalia including women, children and ethnic minority groups.

Malnutrition in children is on the rise as well, and now 1.5 million children under 5 need food urgently.

If food prices continue to rise and people in Somalia do not receive assistance, families will be in further crisis. ERDO is bringing emergency food to families. Partially funded by the Canadian government, we need your support today.

Give Today

5 months

Over the next five months we will be working with hungry families in Somalia, ensuring they have food to survive these increasingly dry seasons.


Together, we are raising $846,000 for these families struggling through this hunger crisis.

Emergency Food

Working with a local partner, we are providing emergency food through food vouchers. Food vouchers allow a family to buy food while supporting the local economy.

6,000 People

We will be working with 6,000 vulnerable people in Somalia. These families live in 9 extremely poor villages in a region of Somalia bordering Kenya.

Helping Families Together

Working with a local partner in Somalia, ERDO is responding to increasing hunger by improving access to food. We will be working with 1,000 of the most vulnerable households, which is approximately 6,000 people. These families live in 9 extremely poor villages in Jabaland, a region in Somalia bordering Kenya. This region is known for its dry climate, recurring conflict and high levels of hunger.

To address these families needs, we will be giving food vouchers to families for food assistance. Families can take these food vouchers to the local markets, which gives them flexibility and choice while they invest in local food sources.

Often when families experience high levels of hunger they resort to selling everything they have, including livestock or valuables. This leaves families further devastated, without an income to help them recover. Food vouchers allow families to buy essential food and other items while preserving their source of income, helping them become more resilient as a family.

With your help, we can provide food assistance to families once a month for five months to help them through this dry season. By giving families a way to support themselves while stimulating the local economy, we can provide emergency assistance and help communities recover.

Thank you for helping families in urgent need today!