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Cyclone in Malawi

Malawi is still reeling from the devastating Cyclone Freddy. The tropical storm is one of the longest-lived in history, lasting for 36 days. Over 225 people have been killed in Malawi and thousands of homes were destroyed.

Freddy first hit Mozambique, but continued to cause damage in Madagascar and Malawi. Although, the storm has broken continued rain could worsen flooding in Malawi. Hurricane-force winds, raging waters and mudslides are sweeping more houses, roads and bridges away. Over 20,000 have fled their homes due to flooding and are now living in emergency camps.

How You Can Help

Emergency Food

Let’s bring 100 people emergency food and sanitary supplies.

Cooking Supplies

Let’s bring 17 families cooking supplies so they can make meals.


Let’s bring 50 people blankets to keep people warm.


Let’s rebuild 3 family homes to withstand future storms.

Alongside PAOC Global Worker, Tyler Ostermayer, and the local church we are supporting families who were impacted by Cyclone Freddy. These families are trying to get through the next season, and we’re bringing supplies to help.

We’re also working to build three homes that were destroyed in the storm. Many of the homes that collapsed in Malawi were not sturdy enough to withstand the flash floods. Together, we’re building homes that will use strong concrete instead of clay bricks to better withstand the next storm.

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