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Emerging Crisis

Earthquake in Türkiye & Syria

On February 6th, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in southeast Türkiye near the Syrian border. A second 7.5 magnitude earthquake occured and there have been over 100 aftershocks which continued causing damage. According to the BBC, it is estimated there are already over 42,000 casualties, making this Türkiye and Syria’s biggest disaster in 100 years.

Those who are safe have no water or electricity. Families are sleeping in the streets or in their cars as it is too dangerous to return inside. Roads are clogged with people trying to leave their city, find family members and get help.

On top of everything, it is winter and the weather is cold.

ERDO is working with trusted local partners who have been responding since day one.

Just a few hours after the earthquake, our partners sent out emergency dispatch vehicles including:

  • Mobile hygiene trucks to bring families needed aid
  • Search & Rescue vehicles to pick up casualties of the earthquake
  • A mobile oven, to bring emergency food to families

We are providing food and hygiene kits to a further 380 earthquake survivors. However, weather conditions are an issue, with cold and snow impacting our partners’ ability to respond. Relief materials like blankets, clean water, tents, winter clothes and emergency food are needed.

We are asking for your urgent prayers for the families impacted and for our responding partners.