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Food for Kids

Imagine a world where families wake up and don’t have to decide who will go hungry.

With your help, together we can feed hungry children today and provide critical long-term community and livelihoods programs. You can give nutrition food to children, their families and their communities.

Child Nutrition

Children need nutritious food to survive and thrive. Your gift supports these three nutrition projects that help children today.


Working with PAOC global worker, Kathy Mizen, we are helping children in the city of Tegucigalpa who do not have enough food at home and are missing important nutrients for their development. Nutritious food increases school attendance and helps in child learning and development.

With your help we can provide a daily nutritional breakfast drink to 820 infant and school-aged children each morning. We are working with children from areas of high urban poverty – 70% of which come from families where a single mother cares for her children on less than 5 dollars a day.

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Children with disabilities require extra attention to ensure they are well cared for and do not go hungry.

Through our local partner, Children of Blessings Trust, we’re providing medically supervised treatment and follow up for children with disabilities who are suffering from malnutrition. All 600 children in this nutrition program receive supplemental and therapeutic food based on their specific nutritional needs. This food may include high calorie porridge, fortified cereals
and/or ready to use therapeutic foods.

Mothers of children in the program are also receiving supplemental food to ensure they and their children remain healthy.


Helping children and families in Haiti is critical and brings hope to a country in conflict.

ERDO continues to partner with The Fortress School in Port-au-Prince to provide nutritious food for ChildCARE Plus sponsored children and other students. Despite ongoing conflict causing interruptions, our partners work to provide a weekly meal to 860 students in primary and secondary school. Students with disabilities receive two meals a week and students who need extra support take bags of rice home to their families.

On Sundays, families travel long distances to reach the school’s church. 750 children who attend church receive a snack and clean water.

In total, The Fortress School gives 1,770 meals to children each week. Your gift will continue feeding Haitian children in need over the next year.

Food Security for All!

Meeting immediate food needs is crucial, but equally vital is tackling the many causes of hunger: poverty, poor soil conditions and other factors. By improving crop yields and establishing sustainable income-generating ventures for families, we increase the likelihood that emergency food assistance will become unnecessary. These are just some of our long-term projects you will help fund today!

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Uganda Food Security

ERDO and our local partner, Pentecostal Assemblies of God Uganda, operate three programs, which help families through conservation agriculture and other activities to ensure access to more food. Conservation agriculture prevents the loss of good soil and includes diverse planting. This has a positive impact on the health of the crops and the quantity of food produced.

Some of the challenges in growing family food include land degradation, erratic rainfall, soil infertility, limited land size for crops, and gender inequalities limiting women’s participation. To ensure long-term food security, our projects aim to mitigate flood risks, boost food production through conservation agriculture, diversify livelihoods, develop assets, and promote gender equality.

Sustainable Farming in Zimbabwe

Raising rabbits and chickens leads to greater income security!

Working with our local partner in Zimbabwe, Childcare Ministries, your donation will provide starter chickens and rabbits to 360 women in 6 communities in the Tsholotsho region.

The women raise and breed the rabbits and free-range chickens to provide a source of meat and eggs for themselves and their children. Surplus animals are sold to purchase additional food, meet household needs and increase family health.

Crop and livestock improvements help families! 

In a second project location, ERDO and our partner, Pentecostal Assemblies of Zimbabwe, will lessen the impact of harsh growing conditions through teaching conservation agriculture and introducing drought-tolerant crops.

The project also provides training in small livestock production, horticulture, and vegetable farming. Investing in the future of Zimbabwean families leads to healthier children and families who can break the cycle of poverty and hunger!

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