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Ready to Serve Resources

Pastors, churches and friends, we want you to know exactly what you are part of here at ERDO! We want to share our stories with you — the sorrows of sitting with families in poverty, conflict and disaster and the joys of watching lives transformed — as our mission partners. Here are some resources you can download and share. These resources are ready to serve!

Introducing 365

ERDO’s 365 campaign helps women, young women and girls through specially designed programs like growing small businesses, providing water for female farmers to help their crops grow, and keeping girls in school.  A world with no poverty starts with empowering these women, so they can keep changing the world one day at a time.

ERDO’s 365 Campaign brings the stories and needs of women and girls forward. There are amazing projects you can support to become part of a woman’s success.

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Million Cups of Water

Our goal through Million Cups of Water is to raise $100,000 for clean water programs and supply one million cups of water to people in need each year. It is an ambitious goal, but one that will continue helping people for many years to come.

Funds raised through Million Cups of Water will create clean water wells in places like rural Bangladesh. Working with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Bangladesh, we have a long history of installing deep tube wells to keep families from drinking water that is laced with arsenic and other toxins.


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David Adcock

David Adcock, ERDO’s CEO, speaks at churches about his two great passions: a love for God and a desire for justice. David earned a degree in law and a Masters of Divinity before moving to Canada. Book a Sunday with David today to learn how ERDO is bringing practical humanitarian assistance and the love of Jesus into communities facing poverty and injustice around the world.

Ontario Area Manager

John Stewart

Over the course of John Stewart’s pastoral ministry he has developed a deep love for missions, visiting global workers and child sponsorship programs all over the world. Now, John speaks in churches about Christ’s call to service and the practical difference he has seen child sponsorship make for families in need. John’s desire is to see children set free from poverty and educated for a brighter tomorrow.

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Farmers Ending World Hunger

Do members of your church have farmland and want to donate crops from a portion of those acres to help ERDO? Through membership in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, that crop or even cattle donations, when designated to ERDO’s account at the Foodgrains Bank, can help us access Canadian Government funding of up to 4:1 for food programs.

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Your Story

Share your ERDO stories with us! Does your church do something special to raise funds to support ERDO projects or sponsor children? Share your story and help inspire other churches.

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