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Urgent Haiti Update

April 15, 2024

Over the last several weeks, violence in Haiti has increased as armed gangs took control over much of the country. Read our update on our child sponsorship program in Haiti and the safety of students.

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Child Sponsorship and A Life of Purpose

September 18, 2023

Our staff has started on a discipleship journey by doing The Purpose Driven Life together, by Rick Warren. This is in preparation for us to teach our youth in October–November.

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Food for Somalia

May 04, 2023

This year, ERDO is bringing five months of food to families facing urgent needs. Thanks to your incredible generosity, we are able to help 6,000 people in need today.

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Cash Transfers for Food in Kenya

March 29, 2023

Thank you for helping us impact 9,600 hungry families in Kenya in 2022. Through generous donations, ERDO was able to bring food vouchers to families in need.

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Flooding in Türkiye

March 23, 2023

The response is Türkiye is growing by leaps and bounds, despite recent and devestating flooding. ERDO is partnering with First Hope to shelter families, feed the hungry, and do so much more!

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Helping Families in Turkey

February 27, 2023

It's been 21 days since the earthquake. In spite of all our work and all of the support, in some affected areas it looks and feels like the earthquake just happened yesterday.

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Political Conflict in Myanmar

January 04, 2023

In Myanmar, we have been working with ethnic minorities and communities facing violence after the military took over the government. Thanks to you, we distributed emergency food to families.

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