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Food for Children in Haiti

Students at The Fortress School in Haiti often arrive each morning with an empty stomach. Without the school food program, these students would leave school the same way they came — hungry.

One in four children in Haiti are hungry every day. Malnutrition in children under 5 has risen 61% in the last year alone. Increased violence, extreme weather emergencies, like hurricanes, and little access to nutritious food and clean water are putting kids at risk.

Thankfully, The Fortress School in Port-au-Prince provides nutritious food for our sponsored children and other students. Many of these children come from poor families who do not receive nutritious meals at home and cannot afford to bring a packed lunch to school.

The Fortress School gives a weekly meal to 860 students in primary and secondary school. Students with disabilities receive two meals a week and students who need extra support take bags of rice home to their families.

On Sundays, families travel long distances to reach the school’s church. 750 children who attend church receive a snack and clean water afterward.

In total, The Fortress School gives 1,770 meals to children each week. Your gift will continue feeding these children in need over the next year.

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