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Microfinance for social change

ERDO’s microfinance projects give vulnerable people, including women and youth, access to small loans to grow their own businesses. We are bringing opportunities to entrepeneurs who are on the periphery of local economic and social life.

We’ve seen, over the years, how microfinance not only builds the income of small-business owners but has a direct link with better living conditions. With increased income and financial stability, these families can send their children to school, afford more nutritious food and create a healthier home.

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Bangladesh Symbiosis

Alongside our partner in Bangladesh, we’re bringing families financial freedom through savings and loans groups. Women and men are given opportunities to start their own businesses while growing in community.

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Wezesha Project

This program in Burundi provides female small business owners with access to financial services and business management training from which they are generally excluded because of their gender. Traditional banks in these areas do not want to lend money to women because it is considered too risky, too administratively intensive and without sufficient profit.

Microloans give women the opportunity to expand their businesses, increase their income and better provide for their families.


Archer’s Post

The families in Archer’s Post, part of Samburu County where ERDO works, are pastoralists. They rely on raising livestock for their livelihood. Around 73% of the population here live in poverty. Young people are having trouble establishing themselves and earning an income to care for their families. Since it has been difficult to farm, young adults have been setting up small businesses to create their own income. ERDO has been working with these young adults to grow their small businesses.