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Sponsor a Child

Meet Miriam

Girl Age 11 Jul 11, 2011

Miriam is a quiet young girl who lives at the Project of Hope Centre in Kenya. She comes from a rough home life where her parents were not properly caring for her. Miriam was also not regularly attending school. A local chief brought her to the Centr…

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Meet Aditto

Boy Age 3 Jun 21, 2019

Aditto is a kind and polite young boy who lives with his father and three sisters in a humble home in Bangladesh. Sadly, Aditto’s mother passed away. His father works hard as a farmer to provide for his family. Despite his best efforts, Aditto’s fath…

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Meet Da-Lin

Girl Age 4 Jul 26, 2018

Da-Lin is a sweet young girl who lives with her mother in a very poor community in Cambodia. Her parents are divorced and her mothers works hard in a factory to support the family, but despite her best efforts, she is unable to adequately provide for…

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Meet Lisvy Elizabeth

Girl Age 9 Aug 28, 2013

Lisvy Elizabeth is a beautiful little girl who lives with her parents, and two brothers in a very poor community in Guatemala. Her father works hard at a local food store and her mothers stays home to look after the house and kids. Her parents work …

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Meet Chandrakand

Boy Age 15 Jan 1, 2008

Chandrakrand is a friendly boy who lives with his parents, sister and two brothers near Nagpur, India. Chandrakand’s parents work hard farming, but they are unable to earn enough money to fully provide for their family’s basic needs. Life is an o…

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Meet Divya Sunil

Girl Age 15 Jun 11, 2007

Divya is a quiet young girl who lives with her parents, and sister in India. Divya’s father works hard as a farm labourer but sadly, he is unable to earn enough money to provide for the basic needs of his family and they live in very poor condition…

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How sponsorship works

Receive your welcome letter in the mail

The first thing you’ll receive when you sponsor a child is a welcome letter in the mail! This letter will include your child’s profile, which tells the story of your sponsored child, and your first picture of your sponsored child. The letter will also tell you about life in your child’s country and details of your child’s specific community. You’ll also receive a bookmark which will remind you to pray for your sponsored child every day.

Write a letter and share your life with your sponsored child

While writing to your sponsored child is completely up to you, it does create a great opportunity to get to know your child better. Letter writing helps you see the lasting impact sponsorship has on a young life. We have heard so many stories of relationships that span continents and lifetimes which were created through letter writing. You can write a letter to your sponsored child and send it to us by mail!

Receive updates about your child and their community

We want to keep you up to date with your sponsored child and their community! Each year, you will receive two letters from your sponsored child and an updated photo. You will also receive an annual newsletter which gives you an overview of your sponsored child’s location to let you know what is new and exciting in their community.

Pray for your sponsored child

We do everything we can to care for our sponsored children’s basic physical and spiritual needs. God knows each of our children’s needs better than anyone so we hope that you will join us in regularly praying for your sponsored child, their community and country.

How you can impact a child’s life


ChildCARE Plus supports children from daycare to the end of high school. In some locations, CCP works with graduates through vocational training!


ChildCARE Plus provides in-school meals, family food packs and emergency food to families facing extreme hunger.


ChildCARE Plus brings clean water and hygiene to students in school and at home, with handwashing stations, bathrooms, wells and water filters.

Medical Care

ChildCARE Plus helps sponsored children who need medicine, surgery or are facing life-threatening conditions.

Read ChildCARE Plus stories!

Sowpeap’s Story

July 11, 2022

Sowpeap, a sponsored child in Cambodia, almost lost her life after being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Thanks to the faithfulness of God, Sowpeap’s life was saved!

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Aurpita’s Story

November 05, 2021

Aurpita lives in Kanchan, District: Nagaon, and she is 5 years old. Both her father Alib and her mother Sharmila work as day labourers. She has a younger brother named Avijit who is 6 months old. 

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Drawing his future

June 28, 2019

The “Plus” in ChildCARE Plus represents an important part of a child’s life.  When you sponsor a child, things like food, clean water, shelter, clothing and health care become available.

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