Zambia - Agriculture Program

  Zambia - Agricultural Program - Vincent, a student in the program

  Vincent, one of the first students in the TTC program

  Zambia - Agricultural Program - Farmer in field


 Program manager for the TTC program in Zambia

At the Trans Africa Theological College (TTC) in Zambia, ERDO is actively working alongside the community and sharing how to grow and harvest more food. The TTC is located in the Racecourse Community, which is on the outskirts of Kitwe in the copper belt region of Zambia.  Growing healthy food crops and learning how to increase soil quality is yielding more crops. This access to healthy food helps to prevent malnutrition and sickness.



Training is given in:

  • Farming techniques for conservation of moisture
  • Intercropping
  • Pest management using insect repellant plants
  • Zero tillage
  • Composting
  • Soil regeneration (crop cover and nitrogen fixing plants)

There are approximately 60 people in the training at all times. The students learn on '“demonstration plots” and then are given their own plots for hands-on learning. The agriculture course lasts for a period of 1 year. The farm is used to try new methods of irrigation using locally available supplies, as a testing ground for different types of seeds and seedlings.

The people who benefit from this program are those with access to land, local farmers, Bible School Students and ChildCARE Plus (CCP) Villages of Hope sponsored children who are graduating from high school and are interested in farming.

In 2013 some of the graduates who are also in charge of the FFS’s formed a “Community Farmers’ Cooperative” that helps with the marketing of produce and also gives discounts on purchased seeds and tools.

Another aspect of this program is helping to diversify family income so they don't need to rely soley on their crops for their income. If the harvest is poor or affected by  climate-related challenges outside of their control families can look to the other sources of income. Training is also provided in:

  • Raising chickens for home use and sale
  • Raising goats and pigs for the consumption and sale of milk and meat
  • Planting fruit trees to add nutrients to diets as well as for sale

With the Racecourse Community, the transfer of knowledge from one farmer to another is already happening, but to reach all the farmers and families we need a special investment to expand our work and help families feed themselves.

Donations are needed so that we can provide more agricultural tools, seeds and starter plants as well as expand the livestock program. Your donation will help to provide:

  • Fruit tree seedlings
  • Seeds and vines for the demonstration farm: sweet potato vines, cassava stems, groundnuts, soya beans, sugar beans, sorghum and insect repellent plants
  • Tools: hoes, shovels, wheel barrows, axes, trimmers, slashers and weeding forks
  • Funds to expand our chicken raising program
  • Start up costs for a piggery

 Please donate today to help families in the Racehorse Community.


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