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Bangladesh Symbiosis

Life Along the Jamuna River

Bangladesh is a country surrounded by rivers which drain into the Bay of Bengal. Along these riverbanks, including the Jamuna River, sandbar islands are formed by sand and silt sediment. These sandbars are good for growing food, but they come with a big problem: flooding.

Climate change has intensified flooding in Bangladesh, and erosion has displaced many families — causing them to lose their farmland; their only income. Overpopulation means that poorer minorities now live on these sandbars where flooding is common. These families do not own land. They are day labourers without steady jobs, and for them, caring for a family is hard work.

Alongside our local partner, we want to empower families living on the banks of the Jamuna River in Bangladesh.

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Several Years

Over the next several years, we’re working with people living along the Jamuna River.


We’re raising $50,000 each year to bring families opportunities for a better future.

2,512 People

We’ll be working with 2,512 vulnerable people, including single parents, ethnic and religious minorities, child-headed families and people with disabilities.

Saving and Loans Groups

Our partner, Bangladesh Symbiosis, has established 125 community saving and loans groups to improve financial literacy and increase family incomes.

Bangladesh Symbiosis

Alongside our local partner, Bangladesh Symbiosis, we are empowering families with the skills they need to have a steady source of income.

Working with over 2,512 people, Bangladesh Symbiosis has created 125 local savings and loans groups. The groups consists of a few people who are being trained in financial literacy and the skills they need to start their own businesses. Each group member will contribute a small amount of money each time they meet and, from there, the group can provide business loans to help each member.

Savings and loans groups bring families financial stability and support, help people grow their financial skills and enhance community cooperation.

As women and girls are often marginalized, Bangladesh Symbiosis is making sure they are included in savings and loans groups. Providing women with financial literacy gives them far greater economic opportunities to improve their lives. When we support women, we help the whole family.

You can help us support these marginalized families in Bangladesh, bringing them the skills they need to make a better life for themselves.

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