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Urgent Haiti Update

Over the last several weeks, violence in Haiti has increased as an alliance of armed gangs took control of much of the country. These gangs have forced the closure of airports, ports and many roads in and around the capital city of Port-au-Prince. The prime minister has resigned and the country is currently seeking new leadership in this time of crisis.

ERDO supports The Fortress School in Port-au-Prince, where over 700 children attend, including 583 ChildCARE Plus sponsored children.

We want to assure you that our global workers, Michel and Louise Charbonneau, have safely returned to Canada. The rest of our team in Haiti is safe. They continue to carefully provide leadership and care for the community.

Schools in Haiti have been closed, but recently reopened. The students at The Fortress School have finished their third semester and need only two more weeks of schooling to complete their current school year. Students will be able to finish their current year and will move into their following grade.

Grade 9 and 13 students have state exams in July and there is a high probability they will be able to write those.

CCP children are mainly staying at home although they can move around the city in a limited capacity. Some families have left Port-au-Prince for the countryside where the political climate is much safer.

CCP funds from our sponsors will be used to buy and repair school supplies and purchase new uniforms for students’ return to school. Funds will also continue to cover the usual administrative costs for salaries of teachers, cleaners, guards and directors.

Thank you for continuing to support and pray for families in Haiti. Your sponsorship means the world to these families, who recognize your prayers in these difficult days. Together, let’s continue to believe for peace and stability in Haiti.