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ChildCARE Plus Community Support

Sponsoring a single child is not the only way you can support children all over the world. Now, you can give a gift of any amount to the ChildCARE Plus Community of your choice. This means that every child in your chosen location will benefit from your gift.

ChildCARE Plus bring hope into the lives of children and families in over 40 locations around the world. By sponsoring a CCP Community, you will provide for the extra costs that go into working with children in a specific country. This includes things like extra food for children and their families, school supplies, medical costs and community celebrations. You can also help cover the costs for a special child waiting for a sponsor, so they can join in on the ChildCARE Plus benefits right away.

Supporting a ChildCARE Plus Community does not cost $41 a month, like a regular child sponsorship. Now, you can give a gift of any amount to a CCP Community as a one time gift or as frequently as you’d like.

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