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Somalia Food Crisis

Life in Somalia

Your help is needed now to save lives in Somalia.

Right now there is a hunger emergency facing many countries in East Africa. Conflict, climate change and extreme drought are pushing countries to the brink of famine. We’ve been working in Somalia over the past year, feeding families and strengthening local communities. We know that this has been one of the driest years on record in Somalia.  Now, nearly 50 percent of the population, 7.7 million people, need humanitarian assistance to survive. Drought is devastating the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized Somalians including women, children and ethnic minority groups. Malnutrition in children is on the rise as well, and now 1.5 million children under 5 need food urgently.

If food prices continue to rise and people in Somalia do not receive assistance, families will be in further crisis.  To assist these families in need, we are asking our supporters to donate food vouchers.  Through our membership in Canadian Foodgrains Bank your donation of food will be matched 4:1.

Give Today

4 Months

Over the next four months we will be working with hungry families in Somalia, ensuring they have food to survive.

Emergency Food

We are bringing food vouchers to families. Food vouchers allow a family to buy food while supporting the local economy.

$50,000 CAD

ERDO is raising a total of $50,000 so it can be matched to provide emergency food for hungry children and families in 10 incredibly vulnerable districts.

Matched 4:1!

Through our membership in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, the Canadian Government is matching donations to this project 4:1 meaning each dollar donated provides $5 in food.

Helping Families Together

Working with a local partner in Somalia, ERDO is responding to hunger with food vouchers! Families in 10 extremely poor villages in Jabaland, a region in Somalia bordering Kenya, will now be able to afford local food, thanks to your help. These families live in a region known for its dry climate, recurring conflict and high levels of hunger. Not only will you be supporting each family we reach with food vouchers, you’ll be providing an income to hundred more.

Families will take their food vouchers to local markets, which gives them flexibility and choice while they invest in local food stalls.

Often when families experience high levels of hunger they resort to selling everything they have, including livestock or valuables. This leaves families further devastated, without an income to help them recover. Food vouchers allow families to buy essential food and other items while preserving their sources of income, like their livestock, helping families become more resilient.

With your help, we will provide food assistance to families once a month for four months to help them through this dry season. By giving families a way to support themselves while stimulating the local economy, we can provide emergency assistance and help communities recover from drought.

For every dollar you donate, five dollars will go to Somalia. When you give today, your impact will only grow. Thank you for helping families in urgent need in Somalia.