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Food for Yemen

This Giving Tuesday, November 28th, we are bringing food to families facing starvation in Yemen.

Yemen is still an active warzone. Hospitals, roads, bridges and homes have been bombed and never restored. Families have no social support and rely on outside humanitarian assistance to survive each day. Without help, 80% of Yemen is facing chaos and starvation.

This Giving Tuesday, every dollar you donate will be matched 4 times by the Canadian government through ERDO’s partnership with Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Join us to feed families today.

A gift of $34 will feed a family of 7 for an entire month. Please help us reach our Giving Tuesday goal to feed 490 families in Yemen over the next 6 months.

Our Giving Tuesday Goal

Matched 4 Times

Every dollar you give on Giving Tuesday will be matched 4 times. $1 becomes $5, $100 becomes $500 and $500 becomes $2,500.

$34 to Feed a Family

A gift of $34 will feed a single family in Yemen for one month.

490 Families

Together, we can bring food to 490 families for the next 6 months this Giving Tuesday.

Help for Yemen

Life in Yemen is beyond difficult. Jobs are non-existent, food is scarce and parents cannot afford to send their children to school. The civil war, which continues to divide neighbours, has destroyed communities and devastated families.

For the last four years, we’ve been working alongside a local partner to bring emergency food and peace-building projects to communities in Yemen. We’ve heard stories of families living without running water, electricity or a working washroom. We’ve met people who go without needed, life-saving medication so they can feed their children. 

We’re continuing to deliver monthly food baskets for families in Yemen. Food baskets include information brochures on how to detect and avoid landmines, which will save innocent lives during this war. They also contain information to help children avoid contracting preventable illnesses which are now widespread in Yemen, including cholera and diphtheria.


When you give a monthly food basket to a family in Yemen, you are giving more than just food. You are helping a family survive another day. You are lifting a financial burden so families can afford to send their children to school or pay for health care. You are supporting peace-building initiatives to restore communities.

In Yemen, food is community. Food is peace. Food is health. Food is life. Food is love.

Join us in bringing a life-saving gift of food to families in Yemen this Giving Tuesday.

Samiyah’s Story

Samiyah’s family was one of the poorest in her community. Her husband suffered from mental illness and could not work. Samiyah did what she could to care for her husband and three children, but every spare dollar went toward her husband’s medicine.

When ERDO’s local partner brought Samiyah’s family a monthly food basket, they were able to save a little money. Eventually, Samiyah bought an old sewing machine and could take on a few jobs to earn some income.

Today, Samiyah provides for her children and pays for her husband’s medication through her sewing business. Thanks to a little financial support at just the right moment, Samiyah changed her future.

When you give to a family like Samiyah’s, you help create opportunities for people to thrive!