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Kenya Health Centre

Life in Turkana, Kenya

In the remote area of Turkana, northern Kenya, life is difficult as food is scarce. The soil is difficult to farm and many families live the pastoral life. They move from place to place tending sheep and other animals.

ERDO has been working with families in this region through our partnership with the Namoruputh Health Centre. Here, we are working with the local church to provide much-needed health care to a population of approximately 60,000 people.

Before the health centre was built, families were forced to travel 80 kilometres on foot to reach the nearest hospital. This distance was almost impossible to travel when a person was sick, hungry and thirsty.

In 2013, ERDO begand transforming a small medical dispensary in the new Namoruputh Health Centre. The centre continues to grow, serving an even wider area in northen Kenya.

How You Can Help

The medical centre includes in-patient and out-patient wards, and consultation, wound care, casualty and injection rooms. The out-patient centre includes mother and child health immunization areas, a refrigeration room for vaccine storage and a kitchen.

We have provided the needed equipment and furnishings for the Health Centre, including patient beds, night tables and solar lights.

Thanks to generous donations over the years, we have met the healthcare needs of thousands of patients, particularly mothers and children. Through the out-patient centre, children and mothers are provided with the needed vitamins, minerals and nutrition to maintain their health. This ensures that children in the area are meeting their height and weight requirements and that they no longer suffer from malnutrition.

When families are healthy communities have the opportunity to flourish.

In order to continue meeting the every day needs of families and children in Turkana, ERDO will be covering the operational costs of the health centre.

Today, you can help families in Turkana access quality healthcare, by giving toward the yearly operational costs of the Health Centre.

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