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Food for Karamoja

Life in Uganda

Uganda has experienced many challenges over the years, leaving thousands hungry and unable to feed their families.  Insufficient rainfall has made it difficult to grow and sustain crops. These dry spells across the country have left people without enough food to eat.

Flash floods in other areas of the country have also significantly affected family’s livelihoods. Flooding of riverbanks has destroyed crops, roads, schools and health centres, displacing thousands of people.

ERDO, in partnership with the Pentecostal Assemblies of God Uganda (PAG-U), is working with families to combat food insecurity and build resilience to future crises. ERDO is coming alongside community members in three different regions of Uganda – Arua, Kasese and Karamoja — each experiencing their own set of unique challenges, and helping families with longer-term recovery by boosting their income, food and nutrition security.

What ERDO is Doing in Karamoja

4 months

Together, we are bringing 4 months worth of food to families in Karamoja, Uganda.

1,320 families

We are working with 1,320 vulnerable families who are facing malnutrition due to drought.

Emergency food

Alongside our local partner, we are bringing monthly emergency food to families.

3:1 match

Every dollar you donate to families in Karamoja, Uganda, will be matched 3 times by CFGB.

How You Can Help Karamoja

In Karamoja, poor harvests over the last two years due to very little rain has caused huge malnutrition, especially for children under 5. Now, nearly 500,000 people are experiencing emergency levels of hunger and 91,600 children are malnourished. Lack of access to food has pushed more people into emergency levels of hunger.

ERDO is responding to hunger needs with a four-month humanitarian response project.

This project will provide 4 monthly food baskets to 1,320 households, which is 6,600 individuals. The monthly food basket will consist of items like maize flour, beans, cooking oil and salt. In addition, a supplemental cereal full of nutrients and vitamins will be provided to 1,320 malnourished people.

This emergency food response is matched 3:1 through ERDO’s membership with Canadian Foodgrains Bank. This means your donation of $5 will bring $20 worth of food to hungry families in Karamoja, Uganda.

Give to Karamoja

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