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Increasing Food Production in Uganda

Life in Uganda

Uganda has experienced many challenges over the years, leaving thousands hungry and unable to feed their families.  Insufficient rainfall has made it difficult to grow and sustain crops. These dry spells across the country have left people without enough food to eat.

Flash floods in other areas of the country have also significantly affected family’s livelihoods. Flooding of riverbanks has destroyed crops, roads, schools and health centres, displacing thousands of people.

ERDO, in partnership with the Pentecostal Assemblies of God Uganda (PAG-U), is working with families to combat food insecurity and build resilience to future crises. ERDO is coming alongside community members in two different regions of Uganda – Kasese and Karamoja – each experiencing their own set of unique challenges, and helping families with longer-term recovery by boosting their income, food and nutrition security.

What ERDO is Doing in Kasese

3 Years

Over the next three years, ERDO will be working with communities in Kasese to improve access to food.

640 Families

We will work closely with 640 families, approximately 3,712 individuals.

Agriculture Programs

We are working with family farmers to increase food production, feed families and give them an income.

1:1 Match

This agriculture program will be matched for every dollar given to families in Uganda.

How You Can Help Kasese

In Kasese, ERDO is strengthening food security in communities. Over three years, we will be bringing agriculture and livelihood projects to every family in four villages.

Many families in Kasese, Uganda, depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. Now, many face challenges, like regular and severe flooding due to runoff from the neighbouring mountain range. This prevents them from producing enough food to feed their families or make an income. Other challenges they face include land degradation, soil infertility, limited land sizes and inequalities that prevent women from participating in farming.

In response, we will work with 640 families in Kasese, approximately 3,712 people, helping these families with their farms. We will work toward protecting families from inequalities or potential damages to fields from future flooding. We will help increase food production through conservation agriculture training, bringing families the tools they need for farming.

This program is matched 1:1 through ERDO’s membership with Canadian Foodgrains Bank. This means that when you donate $100, $200 will go toward family farmers in Kasese.

Give to Kasese

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