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Girl Age 9 July 22, 2014 Zimbabwe

Your sponsorship will go beyond meeting basic and educational needs. Your sponsorship will provide for a child’s spiritual and emotional needs by presenting the gospel and demonstrating God’s love.

Natasha's favourite subject in school is family heritage and when she is older, she hopes to be a nurse. In her free time, Natasha likes to read and play with her friends and she helps her parents with chores at home. Her favourite Bible story is about David and Goliath and her favourite colour is pink.

Natasha lives with her parents, sister, and two brothers in Zimbabwe. Natasha's parents have not been able to secure reliable sources of income. Despite their efforts, they are unable to earn enough money to fully provide for their family's needs.

How you can impact a child’s life


ChildCARE Plus supports children from daycare to the end of high school. In some locations, CCP works with graduates through vocational training!


ChildCARE Plus provides in-school meals, family food packs and emergency food to families facing extreme hunger.


ChildCARE Plus brings clean water and hygiene to students in school and at home, with handwashing stations, bathrooms, wells and water filters.

Medical Care

ChildCARE Plus helps sponsored children who need medicine, surgery or are facing life-threatening conditions.