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Uniting to end poverty, stop worldwide hunger and transform communities.

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ERDO works with communities all over the world, listening and passionately responding to their practical needs, like food and clean water. We partner with global and local churches to give families the skills and resources to break out of poverty. We empower children and their families through education, giving them hope for a brighter future.

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Urgent Need

Hurricane Beryl

A hurricane has caused sudden devestation in Jamaica and Saint Vincent & the Grenadines. Families are left without homes, without livelihoods and without power. ERDO is responding alongside Pentecostal assemblies in the area to bring much needed food and supplies to the families impacted.

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Our Programs

Transform Communities

Together, we can equip people to care for themselves and their families, generate their own income and break cycles of poverty. Help us provide long-term solutions to create lasting change.

How to Help

Respond to Crises

When an emergency happens, you can help us respond quickly with food, water, sanitation, shelter and household goods. Then we will work to repair damages and help people get back on their feet.

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Sponsor A Child

Give a child an education and provide a brighter future. ChildCARE Plus, ERDO’s child sponsorship program, educates children between ages 0-18, improving their nutrition, healthcare and so much more.

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Give A Child A Future

Through child sponsorship, you can help a child in a developing country reach their full God-given potential. In a meaningful way, you will provide for a child’s practical needs including education, healthcare, nutrition and shelter. By sponsoring a child, you will also care for their spiritual and emotional needs, bringing them into a community where they can grow in every way.

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Our Stories

Zimbabwe School Meals

July 23, 2024

After 14 years, ERDO has been providing school meals to students and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe. Now, we’re passing the program to local partners who will carry the legacy forward.

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Urgent Haiti Update

April 15, 2024

Over the last several weeks, violence in Haiti has increased as armed gangs took control over much of the country. Read our update on our child sponsorship program in Haiti and the safety of students.

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Serving in a War Zone: Following the Call of God

January 01, 2024

Our partners in Ukraine, Sergey and Roman, didn’t plan on becoming humanitarians. They saw the needs of their communities and jumped into action.

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