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Essential Gifts for Kids  

anxious had ear surgery

Emergency Children’s Medical Fund - $25 or any amount

ERDO responds to children’s special or emergency medical needs every year. A gift to this fund helps us respond quickly when requests come for things like repairing broken bones, providing large and small surgeries, or treating severe cases of malaria. 

Anxious, the girl pictured here, is just one example of how this gift works. She received ear surgery in 2015 and is now able to hear.

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 girls at school in uniform

Uniforms or backpacks - $60

This is so important because in some areas, children can’t attend school when they don’t have a uniform. Other times, children need a new backpack to carry school supplies. This gift provides a brand-new uniforms and backpacks to a child waiting for sponsorship in an ERDO ChildCARE Plus location.

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 no malaria

Fight the bite! Anti-Malaria Mosquito Nets - $10

In countries like Malawi, malaria is the leading cause of death in children under the age of five. Purchasing a treated bed net ensures that a child will be better protected, more comfortable and not bitten by malaria-carrying mosquitoes while he or she sleeps. These life-saving nets will be distributed to children in need.  A supply of nets is also needed for other countries during times of flooding where malaria risk is high. For example, 600 mosquito nets were distributed through our partner in Malawi in 2015, for physically challenged boys and girls.

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 little boy with cookies smiling

*NEW Cookies for Kids - $3.50 provides biscuits for 5 children for one month

Pre-school children in our nutrition program in Bangladesh receive 11 high-energy biscuits every day that they are in school. These are no ordinary cookies as they provide essential vitamins and nutrients to improve child health. Through a 4:1 Canadian Government grant made possible through our membership in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, your donation will actually feed five children! Read more about this program...

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 child from cambodia thanking sponsor

Sponsor a child - $37 per month

Imagine transforming the life of a child as a year-long Christmas gift to a person you love! Children in ERDO's ChildCARE Plus program have been selected because they are struggling with poverty. Sponsorship funds allow them to go to school and have other basics in life.

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Health and Nutrition   

litle girl with family food relief packs

Family Food Relief Packs - $60

Growing children and their caregivers need food in time of crisis. These packs contain nutrient-rich foods in keeping with the local diet. Nepal was one country that benefitted from food relief packs like these after the earthquakes.

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 bio sand filter little girl and daddy

*NEW Bio-sand filters - $210

A very simple technology is changing lives in Cambodia. A water filtration unit which uses simple, easy to access materials, is providing clean water to families. The cost of the filter also provides training and an eco-safe latrine for each family. Over 300 are needed for communities in Cambodia.

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 health centre in kenya

*NEW Health Care - Any Amount

A regional health centre in Northern Kenya is under construction to serve over 50,000 people in the Loima district. Through a gift of any amount, you will help support the purchase of hospital beds, sheets and other items to equip this facility.  The next nearest medical facility is 90 km away so the Namoroputh Health Centre serves a critical role in the provision of many health services.

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Gifts of Livestock

black chicken

Chickens - $12 for a hen and rooster

This gift can help people in Zambia and Zimbabwe in two ways; the chickens can be raised as a part of ERDO’s agriculture program and the eggs can be sold for profit, or raised and eaten, providing a source of protein for a whole family. The cost includes all the needed materials to raise the chickens, like feed, vaccines, heat and lights.

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 woman carrying a goat

Goats - $80

The milk provided by the goats nourishes the Kenyan widows’ children. In an amazing process of peace and reconciliation, the goats help bring widows from warring tribes together resulting in a more positive, and peaceful community.

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 donkey in desert

Donkeys - $280

Giving a donkey to a widow in Northern Kenya provides the means to transport water and firewood for household use and sale. It can also be rented by the hour to neighbours. The gift of a donkey is an opportunity for a household to gain independence through income generation. 

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Gifts of Livestock and Garden Essentials

 boy and goat

Livestock Veterinary Kit - $55

This veterinary medical kit ensures animals stay healthy, and benefits families that rely on their milk or work. The kit cost also includes training for the recipient.

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Fruit Tree Saplings - $15

This provides four orange or mango saplings for families to grow nutritious and delicious fruit. The fruit can be used for both family consumption and income generation. An example of this is our program in Northern Uganda.

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 hand hoe watering can

Hand Hoe & Watering Can - $30

Imagine watering your own plants with no sprinkler, hose or large container to collect water in. Give a hand hoe and watering can to a family in one of ERDO’s agricultural projects and help them increase their own food supply.

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Income Generation

a women sewing after microfinance loan

Microfinance Loans for Women - $50

ERDO’s microfinance program, Wezesha Project, is in its fifth year in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and has been active for about 1 year in Burundi. Women living in the DRC, one of the poorest countries in the world, receive $50 starter loans to assist their small businesses. Wezesha Project has increased family income, nutrition and the rate of children enrolled in school. Learn more..

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